Is your website secure?

Is your website secure?

I woke up this morning to over 900 notices of login attempts to my website – so I thought I’d do a video of the solution, to promote my hosting and maintenance business. You might need to go full screen.

[svpVideo v=1]


Message to Larry in Ukraine

Message to Larry in Ukraine

Hi Larry

Blue Gekko websites are protected from brute-force login attemptsOr is it Gabriel? Or Laura?? You seem to use a few different names. Anyway, your IP address says you’re in Ukraine so I’m guessing none of these names is real.

Thanks for showing an interest in one of my client’s sites, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you. No, you cannot log in.

And you will have noticed that after your 20th attempt you are permanently excluded, so you’re going to have to try your luck elsewhere.

Not-so-very-kind Regards


The message for everyone else is – how secure is your site?

Spammers around the world have bots churning away at lightning speed till they get passwords right. Then, when they get in, you are stuffed – they can then lock you out!

You remember your host promising something about backups – will they be able to set every thing back to normal? Even if they can, that process can be a real pain, and you hope with all your fingers crossed that your website visitors haven’t been affected by any dodgy links that Larry and his pals have inserted.

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

As you will guess, Blue Gekko sites have strong passwords and log in fails are locked out after 20 attempts. If you’d like to know how to tighten up the security on your WordPress site, get in touch.

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