Delighted to have won Best Website at the Independent Publishers Awards

Delighted to have won Best Website at the Independent Publishers Awards

Paula, my client, was so pleased with this site she immediately submitted it to the Association of Independent Magazine Publishers Awards 2015, and we were initially delighted to be shortlisted:

We are really excited to inform you that your submission for Best Website in the 2015 Awards has been SHORTLISTED. We have been inundated with entries this year seeing an increase of 64% in applications so you should be incredibly proud of yourself that you have made it this far.

Coralie, Association of Independent Magazine Publishers

So we are thrilled now to have won against such stiff competition. The criteria included having a clear objective for the website, and the award judges commented on the excellent use of video, testimonials, data capture, mobile optimisation and a strong call to action.

Website Design Project Details

Today Publications


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  1. Fully responsive website design – looks great, works well and is easy to navigate on all devices
  2. Lead generating website – homepage focus on getting businesses interested in Advertising
  3. Online magazine integration – makes it very easy for visitors to see current and past editions; more value for advertisers
  4. Your community section – contact details of many local organisations laid out in an easy-to-follow and attractive way
  5. Embedded video to attract potential customers’ interest
  6. Embedded Facebook section to increase social sharing
  7. Tap-To-Call button on mobile phones – makes it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch.
  8. Custom logo design

Today Publications logo design by Blue Gekko

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Mobilegeddon has arrived

Mobilegeddon has arrived

21st April 2015. Mobilegeddon.

This was the day that Google divided the world into good (mobile-friendly) and bad (not mobile-friendly), and cast the bad into the abyss.

At least, it means that if your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices, then Google has dropped you right down the search results when people look for you on a phone.

With over half of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices (including iPads and tablets) this will have a serious impact on your business if your site is affected.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, the chances are it’s at least a couple of years old and so now is a very good time to have a makeover, and climb back up the Google rankings. There’s no pennance involved – you’ll get your Google love back straightaway.

There will be other major benefits too:

  • Your customers will be able to read your site on a phone
  • They won’t have to pinch and zoom with two fingers and swipe all over the place
  • They will be able to navigate round with just a tap of their thumb
  • And the biggest benefit will be a Tap To Call button – which makes it a doddle for them to get in touch with you.

So climb out of the abyss – call Blue Gekko now on 01482 861161

Mobile friendly website for Amelie and Friends

Mobile friendly website for Amelie and Friends

Amelie and Friends Mobile Friendly Website by Blue Gekko

Amelie and Friends Mobile Friendly Website by Blue Gekko

There’s a fantastic restaurant down in Chichester, Amelie and Friends. The Sunday Telegraph lists it in its Top 500 Restaurants in Great Britain and Ireland, and it has been awarded the coveted Bib Gourmand in the 2014 Michelin Guide.

And it now has a brand-new mobile friendly website to complement its existing desktop version.

The main features of a mobile friendly website are

  • Customers can tap the screen to call
  • The text is larger and easier to read
  • The navigation buttons are large and easy to tap
  • The zoom feature is disabled – there’s no need. Everything fits in the screen.
  • Up and down scrolling only makes everything easy to read and follow.

But three of the main BENEFITS to a business of a mobile friendly website are

  • People are going to find it really easy to call you. Tap Tap – you’ve got a customer.
  • People are going to find it really easy to find you. Google Maps and in-built satnavs make it really easy for your customers to find you.
  • People looking for you on their phone are much more likely to want to buy from you now, rather than just browsing on their laptop.

This is important for any business now, as a third or more of your website traffic will be on a mobile phone. But it is particularly important for restaurants because

  • the percentage of visitors on a mobile is higher
  • mobile users looking at a restaurant website are more likely to be on the move and much, much more likely to want to eat in the next hour.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Sussex go to Amelie and Friends’ new mobile website. You’ll find it really easy to phone them up to book a table; and the navigation icon will show you the way to get there.

Mouth-watering website launch: The Hull Cake

Mouth-watering website launch: The Hull Cake

The Hull Cake responsive website by Blue GekkoThere were three aims with this website

  • To make it display well and be easy to use for visitors on a mobile site.
  • To showcase the many, many examples of stunning, beautifully made cakes The Hull Cake had provided for its very spoiled clients
  • To make it easy for a potential customer to get in touch

The first aim was a given. All new Blue Gekko websites are responsive now. That means they configure according to the device they are being viewed from.  That means that whether they are being viewed on a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone they will be quick to load, easy to read and easy to navigate

To achieve the showcase the main focus of the site is the two gallery pages – one for wedding cakes, the second for other celebrations – which display the cake images so well. The cakes are all on display on the page, but click on one of the images and a sumptious slideshow starts.

The Hull Cake responsive website by Blue Gekko tap to call buttonTo achieve the third aim – make it easy to get in touch – the contact phone number is available throughout the site, and a big link to the contact us page is at the foot of all other pages.

But there’s also a bit of magic that only a responsive website can bring.  On mobile phone there’s a “Tap To Call” button. That means that a mobile visitor just needs to do a couple of taps with their thumb and The Hull Cake’s phone is ringing. If you resize your browser on your laptop narrower and narrower – when it gets smaller than it would be on a tablet you can see the Tap To Call button appear out of nowhere.

Magic? Not really, but the magic happens when your visitors go “Tap Tap Call” – because you’ve got a customer.

Hungry for business? Here are some pies!

Hungry for business? Here are some pies!

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet website visitor split for a company in the B2B sectorI was looking at Google analytics for a bunch of client accounts, and was struck by how consistently mobile browsing is now at least 30% of all website traffic. I’ve picked out 3 examples from different industries just to illustrate this point.

The message from these pies is that if you are hungry for business you have to look after your mobile visitor. Even B2B companies will benefit from making their sites easy to read and navigate on a phone, with a clear call to action (usually a “Tap To Call” button).

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet website visitor split for a company in the entertainment sectorThe takeaway (sorry for the pun) for restaurants from this is you HAVE to make your site mobile friendly. Not only are most of your website visitors on a phone, but mobile visitors are far more likely to want to eat within an hour.

A couple of questions for you:

  • What do your website stats tell you about your visitor make-up?
  • What are you doing to give your mobile visitors a good experience?

If the answer to either of these is “I don’t know”, you need to get in touch.

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet website visitor split for a company in the restaurant sectorFrom top to bottom: a B2B business; an entertainment business; a restaurant

Blue = desktop/laptop views
Green = mobile views
Orange = tablet views

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