The Blue Gekko Process

How I work, and what I'm looking for in you to make your project a roaring success

1 The Brief

Why do you want a new website? What are you trying to achieve?

I’ll ask you plenty of questions, some of them in-depth. This starts with the project enquiry form, and continues with a follow-up meeting before my proposal.
By doing this we’ll understand what needs to go in your website, how it will work and what functionality it will need

2 Sitemap

Once we have agreed what information will be going into the site, I’ll build a visual sitemap so we can all very quickly understand what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information

3 Prototype

From there I’ll create the first iteration of the website, and share it with you when done. The purpose of this prototype is to show you how my solution(s) will work, without losing focus and being sidetracked by colours or design features

4 Design

This is where it all comes together, and where we create, or make your website design fit in with, your brand identity.

5 Delivery

Finally, we go through the site with a fine-toothed comb to make sure all the features, functionality and links are working as they should. Once this is done we can make the site live and you can show it off to the world!

Are you ready to get started?
Let’s see if we’re a good fit:

Are you passionate?

We like people who are passionate about their business. If you are committed to your cause, we know you’ll have the determination to follow your project to the end

Do you have business goals?

It’s one thing to make a website look pretty. It’s totally different making it work hard for your business. If we know what your goals are, we can focus your website on achieving those goals

Do you have time?

We don’t do half baked work – it will need your full attention to get the results you require.
So if you don’t have time just now, then please come back later.

Do you have a budget?

Let’s be honest up front. You are making an investment in the future of your business. I don’t cut corners but work to get you results that are focussed on your goals

OK. Great.
If that describes you, then we’re in a position to take the next step…

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