Beefy is now Boss of Beef

Beefy is now Boss of Beef

Boss of BeefThe Beefeater chain is launching a new marketing campaign featuring cricket legend Sir Ian Botham as “The Boss of Beef”.  (Source: CricketWorld)

While most restaurants don’t have the budget to enlist personalities such as Beefy, there are a some points to note about this story.

Firstly it shows that Beefeater recognise the need to market their restaurants in order to get more customers more often.  And I’m sure they will be monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign for its return on investment.  But “brand” advertising is not easy to gauge.

Secondly, it shows they are waking up to the social media age with “brand new Facebook and Twitter pages”

You don’t need Beefeater’s budget to successfully market your restaurant, and direct marketing would be a much better use of your marketing spend than brand advertising.  If you would like to know how to get a measurable, positive return on your marketing efforts, please get in touch.


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