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There’s no point in having a well-designed, mobile-friendly website if it is full of ineffective text.

But this part isn’t difficult. You just need to keep some simple things in mind when you are writing:

Make it clear what you do and how you can help

Keep your paragraphs and sentences short. People are genuinely put off by big, long-winded chunks of text

Don’t be boring!

Don’t make it about you, even if it is. So if you want to say how long you’ve been in business and how good you are, rephrase it. Make it something your visitor would want. “You can be confident that you are teaming up with an award-winning web designer and you will benefit from over a decade’s experience of satisfying clients.”

Talk to your audience about their problems, interests and needs. In most cases, this also means avoiding jargon. You can’t see the blank look on your visitor’s face when they read something they don’t understand, so keep it at a level everyone should be able to follow.

Keep it fresh. Your website isn’t a tablet of stone. Adding to it, and updating any out-of-date references makes you look vibrant. And Google loves fresh content – You’re going to climb up the search results if you add news stories and fresh content on a regular basis


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