Mobile First

by | May 2, 2019 | Web Design Basics

Mobile First

It should go without saying now, that a website must work well on a mobile phone.

Many still don’t though.

Which is negligent. That’s right – you are neglecting the majority of your visitors if your website isn’t mobile friendly. Typically, a website’s visitors using a desktop or laptop will be around a quarter or a third of all traffic. That means the other three quarters are on their phones or tablets.

So now “mobile-friendly” really should mean mobile first. The mobile version should be the one you concentrate on to get your desired result. (Your site does have a purpose, doesn’t it?)

Mobile friendly website means (amongst other things)

  • the images and text have to align to the mobile browser’s narrow layout.
  • the text has to be readable
  • the site has to be easily navigated using your thumb.

And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, here’s something that will blow your mind and transform your business:

A Tap-To-Call button

An ever-present button on your mobile site so a visitor can tap it, they are ringing you up.

And you’ve got another customer.

You need to do this now, so tap my button!

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