The Hull Cake responsive website by Blue Gekko
There were three aims with this website

  • To make it display well and be easy to use for visitors on a mobile site.
  • To showcase the many, many examples of stunning, beautifully made cakes The Hull Cake had provided for its very spoiled clients
  • To make it easy for a potential customer to get in touch

The first aim was a given. All new Blue Gekko websites are responsive now. That means they configure according to the device they are being viewed from.  That means that whether they are being viewed on a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone they will be quick to load, easy to read and easy to navigate

To achieve the showcase the main focus of the site is the two gallery pages – one for wedding cakes, the second for other celebrations – which display the cake images so well. The cakes are all on display on the page, but click on one of the images and a sumptious slideshow starts.

To achieve the third aim – make it easy to get in touch – the contact phone number is available throughout the site, and a big link to the contact us page is at the foot of all other pages.

But there’s also a bit of magic that only a responsive website can bring.  On mobile phone there’s a “Tap To Call” button. That means that a mobile visitor just needs to do a couple of taps with their thumb and The Hull Cake’s phone is ringing. If you resize your browser on your laptop narrower and narrower – when it gets smaller than it would be on a tablet you can see the Tap To Call button appear out of nowhere.

Magic? Not really, but the magic happens when your visitors go “Tap Tap Call” – because you’ve got a customer.

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