Blue Gekko Responsive Web Design

Blue Gekko Responsive Web Design

I’ve just come across this article at Econsultancy*, which shows the huge ROIs being achieved by companies changing to mobile friendly websites. 19%, 51% even 100% increases in conversion rates have been achieved by the 14 companies given as examples.

“It’s pretty straightforward to make a business case for mobile-friendly design if you have a transactional but non-responsive website: simply look at your conversion rates by device. They’ll probably be fairly woeful for tablets, and even worse for mobiles (certainly if ours are anything to go by). Add a dollop of simple maths and you’ll have some idea of the opportunity cost of not making the customer experience better for mobile and tablet users.”

It’s not surprising – now half of internet use is on a mobile device; and especially if you are in a Business to Consumer area you may well find 20% or so of your customers not using a desktop to view your website at all. So we’ve passed the point of mobile-friendly websites being something to think about in the future. If you don’t act now, it is costing your business. And if you would like to improve your website’s effectiveness by 19%, 51% or even 100% get in touch. 01482 861161 or use the form here   * Go and read the whole article to see the 14 brands that increased conversion rates via responsive design Mobile Friendly Website Image by Muhammad Rafizeldi

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