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Basically my knowledge of web design and how the technical side of a website works is zero so my biggest concern when planning a new site was not knowing exactly what to ask for (apart from how I would like it to look) and as a result end up looking stupid and potentially being taken for a ride.
After viewing your demonstration video it all kind of fell into place and suddenly didn’t seem so daunting – hence I decided to use you. Prior to being introduced to you I had in fact made an appointment with someone else who I gladly cancelled.

Would I recommend you? Without any hesitation!
Stig Lindorf-Hansen

Website Design Project Details

GowerMove Property Search Agents

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  1. Fully responsive website design – looks great, works well and is easy to navigate on all devices
  2. Eye-catching, animated items to help visitors understand the role of a Property Search Agent
  3. Tap-To-Call button on mobile phones – makes it very easy for potential customers to get in touch

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