Website Design aimed at meeting your business goals

Your website needs to:

  • be technically competent – that is, it must work well on all devices
  • be well designed – conforming to your brand guidelines and be pleasing to the eye
  • meet your business goals. It needs to have a purpose and be focused on that purpose. This could be sales, if it’s an e-commerce site, or generation of leads if it isn’t e-commerce.


I’ve had a huge increase in sales since my new website has been up and running and better still, it’s the right age and fitness level of people who contact me because the website targets the right members.  This means I’m not dealing with a ton of casual enquiries, none of whom are suitable participants.  

The most fun bit is seeing what Ben has come up with as you near the finished product.  He is very artistic and to say he is dealing with such a girlie and specialist thing, I was so surprised at how ace it looked, how age appropriate and how utterly charming it is.  All the current class members love it.  

I’m on it every day, adding and taking away bits and pieces and when life got too crazy, Ben took over and did it for me.  I was so impressed.  In fact the website itself has paid for itself easily by now, especially since the majority of people are accessing it on mobiles and tablets and it is all lined up to look very good on those devices.  

The process is very friendly with Ben.  Of course he is someone who has done work for me but actually he feels more like a friend now.  I don’t say that lightly of many.  I just consider him an ethical man of integrity with whom I’ve had the pleasure to do business.  

It goes without saying that he is highly recommended…

Deborah Molwuka

Move and Inspire Me

Are you ready to get started?
Let’s see if we’re a good fit:

Are you passionate?

We like people who are passionate about their business. If you are committed to your cause, we know you’ll have the determination to follow your project to the end

Do you have business goals?

It’s one thing to make a website look pretty. It’s totally different making it work hard for your business. If we know what your goals are, we can focus your website on achieving those goals

Do you have time?

We don’t do half baked work – it will need your full attention to get the results you require.
So if you don’t have time just now, then please come back later.

Do you have a budget?

Let’s be honest up front. You are making an investment in the future of your business. I don’t cut corners but work to get you results that are focussed on your goals

OK. Great.
If that describes you, then we’re in a position to take the next step…

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