Video Marketing grabs your audience’s attention

In today’s content-driven internet world, video really comes into its own. You can let your visitors know what you do in a couple of minutes and, if you make it engaging, they will hang around to watch.

And the good news is that it is easier and cheaper than ever to produce a compelling video.

And videos are so versatile. Here are some you should definitely consider using in your business:

  • Introductory videos: Introduce yourself or your business
  • Product video – a promo! why not?
  • Testimonials: Get your satisfied customers to say a few words about you to camera: this will be much more compelling than a quote from “Mr B, Hull”
  • Explainer videos: show your potential customers how to use your service. This will overcome barriers to that first sale
  • Client onboarding videos – ease your new customers into your way of working and avoid teething troubles

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Client onboarding video

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Promo video

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