Restaurant Lead Generating Ecommerce Website

Before you started working with me, what concerns might have prevented you from buying a website?

How to find the right blend of: Cost – Support – Service – Skill

After you started working me, did anything surprise you? What has pleased you the most about your website?

We have managed to upgrade it to become a more effective sales tool, make it responsive and easier to maintain – all at reasonable cost.

Would you recommend my services, and if so, why?

Yes. It is good to be able to work with a likeable individual who has both technical competence and properly understands service and support.

Andrew Cohen

Project Details

Amelie and Friends

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  1. Fully responsive website – looks great, works well and is easy to navigate on all devices
  2. Lead Generating calls to action – enables successful email marketing
  3. Ecommerce website – website enables restaurant to significantly improve cash flow by generating voucher sales
  4. Location and contact details prominent to assist visitors with booking and finding the restaurant
  5. Customer testimonials prominent on the homepage for social proof

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